Volunteer roles and responsibilities

We depend on our volunteers to help us plan and provide for the needs of individuals, families, and response workers after an emergency or disaster. Every job is important, and the opportunities are endless.

Benefits of volunteering with NSEM:

  • Positively impact the lives of others
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Network and meet new people
  • Experience professional growth
  • Build your resume
  • Be part of a dynamic team
  • Gain access to free training, exciting events and opportunities
  • Work on special projects to enhance emergency management
  • Have fun!

Are you a good candidate? Do you:

  • enjoy working as part of a team?
  • have concern for, and want to help, people who have been affected by disaster?
  • (dependent on which team you join) have capacity to respond on short notice, sometimes in the middle of the night?
  • work well under potentially stressful situations?
  • have creative and innovative solutions to problems?
  • have an interest in increasing the emergency management capacity on the North Shore?

Interested in volunteering? Learn how to apply

NSEM Volunteer Team Descriptions

It is possible for volunteers to be a part of more than one team, or to be called to help other teams. While only some teams are "response" teams, NSEM will rely on all volunteers to help in major emergencies..

Emergency Support Services (ESS) Team

  • Option to be on rotation to be called out to smaller events (ESS Level 1 team), or can be called for major events only (ESS General team)
    • To join the ESS Level 1 team, must be an ESS Member in Training for several responses
  • Working in pairs or teams, provide short-term assistance to displaced residents as mandated by the provincial Emergency Social Services program
  • Help on site at Reception and/or Group Lodging Centres and other ESS facilities such as Recovery Centres

Emergency Communications Team (ECT)

  • Provide emergency communications for the North Shore municipalities, neighbourhoods, schools, ESS facilities, and Emergency Operations Centre, primarily through amateur radio should normal communications systems fail
  • Participate in public outreach events when not activated for an emergency
  • Possess an Amateur Radio Licence at the time of application to the team and at least a handheld radio

Emergency Management Team (EMT)

  • Assist NSEM in the initiation and support of any level of municipal or regional emergency operations for Emergency Operations Centre and/or Emergency Support Services response and activations
  • Rotate through a weekly pager call-out system for response and activation
    • Must be an EMT Member in Training for several responses and/or complete the required training before being added to the regular rotation
    • Must be in another NSEM volunteer team while undergoing the EMT probation/MIT period
  • Possess an Amateur Radio License, which can be obtained during the probation & training term
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment and ongoing training

Emergency Education Instructor (EEI) Team

  • Teach emergency preparedness workshops and presentations to the community
  • Assist in the development of specialized public education presentation materials
  • Attend public outreach events to promote emergency preparedness
  • This team also includes special initiatives like the Youth Emergency Preparedness Program (YEPP) and the Business and Employee Emergency Preparedness (BEEP) outreach teams

General Services Unit (GSU)

  • Provide administrative, clerical, set-up, exercise or activation support to NSEM in preparation and response to emergency events
  • Train to be members of specialized response teams such as Emergency Support Services, the Emergency Management Team and others
  • Attend public outreach events to promote emergency preparedness
  • Participate in special emergency management projects such as Convergent Volunteer Planning, Disaster Transportation Logistics, Emergency Bike Team, video training, or other projects under the direction of NSEM staff

Apply now for the above NSEM volunteer positions!

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities or the recruitment process, please contact the Training & Volunteer Coordinator at 778.338.6300 or nsem@nsem.info, ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator.

North Shore Rescue (NSR)

  • Volunteers conduct wilderness search and rescue operations in local mountains.
  • The team can also assist North Shore municipalities during civil emergencies, evacuations and other events

Applying for North Shore Rescue is a different application process. Visit the North Shore Rescue website for more information.