Apply to volunteer

Are you interested in applying for a volunteer team? You are welcome to apply if you:

  • are 19 years of age or older
  • are in good health
  • have a current valid BC Driver's Licence
  • have access to a vehicle
  • have an active email account and cell phone

Volunteer placement in the different programs is based on our volunteer needs and your motivations, abilities, and interests.

Review the roles and responsibilities of our teams

Application steps

  1. Attend our two emergency preparedness workshops
  2. Create your own Grab-and-Go Bag
  3. Complete the North Shore Emergency Management Office Volunteer Application Form
  4. We will call you to set up an interview.
  5. Bring your Grab-and-Go Bag to the interview.
  6. If accepted as a potential volunteer, you will need a criminal record check. (We cover the cost).
  7. Once we have received your criminal record check, we will make a final decision on your application.
  8. If accepted, we will send you a confirmation letter outlining the terms of your probationary period.
  9. If not accepted, we will send a letter advising you of this.

Interested in applying for North Shore Rescue?

Visit the North Shore Rescue website for details on apply with their organization